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Fundamentals of the Faith

Pastor Lynn Howe is teaching a weekly class called The Fundamentals of the Faith

The class will begin Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30 PM and will meet weekly each Tuesday at 6:30 in the LVC Coffee Shop. 

"This class has been and is one of the greatest tools God has used in my life to understand my walk of faith." - Pastor Lynn Howe

Fundamentals of the Faith "is the outgrowth of the belief that the essence of Christianity is truth – the truth about God, the truth about man, and the truth about Christ." - John MacArthur

Lesson #1 – “Introduction: The Bible”
What is the Bible? What is its origin? Who wrote it? Why is it special? What is the Big Picture? 
Lesson #2 - "How to Know the Bible”
How do I get a grasp of the Bible? How do I study and interpret?
Lesson #3 – “God: His Character & Attributes”
Who is God? What is my concept of God? How do I get to know Him? How does He affect me personally?
Lesson #4 - "The Person of Jesus Christ”
Who is Jesus Christ? Why should I believe He is God? Why believe He was a man? What kind of authority did He have?
Lesson #5 – “The Work of Christ”
What is terribly wrong with myself end mankind? How did God solve man’s worst problem through Christ's death? Why did Christ have to die?   In what way is Christ a mediator between myself and God?
Lesson #6 – “Salvation”
How does God grant my salvation? Is it true that God sovereignly controls every aspect of our salvation? How does God receive glory through  our salvation? How can I be sure I am a Christian?
Lesson #7 – “The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit”
Who is the Holy Spirit? How does He relate to me and how do I relate to Him? What is the main ministry of the Holy Spirit?
Lesson #8 – “Prayer and the Believer”
What is the purpose of prayer? When I Pray, tm I experiencing intimacy with God or just an exchange of information? How is prayer a form of worship?
Lesson #9 - "The Church: Fellowship and Worship”
How is the church to be structured? What is the responsibility of the church to me? What is my responsibility to the church? What is true worship?
Lesson #10 – “Evangelism and the Believer”
What are the essentials of evangelism? How can I use my life, testimony, and the Word of God to effectively share Christ with others?
Lesson #11 – “Spiritual Gifts”
What are the spiritual gifts? Does everyone have one or more? How are they used within the church? How do I know which one(s) I have?
Lesson #12 - "Obedience"
What am I to be obedient to? What are the results of obedience? What are the results of disobedience? Why is obedience the key to a fruitful  and victorious life?
Lesson #13 – “God's Will and Guidance”
What am I responsible for? What if I do not know? How do I get guidance from God? What about wisdom from God?

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